Dubrovnik is called the Pearl of Adriatic. The city, established in late antiquity by Roman citizens fleeing a Slav invasion. The attractions of the town are first and foremost historical, related to history both ancient and recent, though you can also enjoy beach life there – just be sure to avoid the period of greatest crowds and highest prices! We will talk about the attractions of Dubrovnik briefly below.

  • You cannot visit Dubrovnik without taking an in-depth tour of the old town. Enter through the famous Piles or Ploce city gates. Walk the old city walls and visit Minceta Tower, Bokar Tower, Fort Lovrjenac and the Revelin Fortress. Walk the Stradun, main street of the old town. Visit the Dubrovnik Cathedral and Treasury. Go to the Loggia Square and visit the St. Blaise Church and admire other historic buildings and monuments. And simply walk around, breathing in the athmosphere of this unique place.
  • The large Dominican Monastery is located outside the Old Town. In it, you an admire both the architecture and a large collection of religious art. Within walking distance there’s the equally interesting Franciscan Monastery with its amazing collection of antique books, many of them rare manuscripts, and a medieval apothekary garden. On your way from one monastery to the other take a detour to the Rector’s Palace, housing City Cultural Museum.
  • Dubrovnik is of course not all about history. Its Banje Beach is one of the best beaches in Croatia! Drive a few kilometers from the city and you will find larger and less crowded beaches in Cava, Uvala Bay and Copacabana. Take a ferry to the island of Lokrum and visit Fort Royal Castle, a Benedictine Monastery housing a museum of the island, and a surprisingly rich botanical garden.
  • Finally visit the Museum of Modern Art, housing exhibitions of leading Croatian and international artists from late 19th century to this day!

What is your favorite place in Dubrovnik? Let’s talk about them in the comments! Also check out weather in Dubrovnik and best beaches of Dubrovnik!

Attractions of Dubrovnik. Photo by fjaka
Attractions of Dubrovnik. Photo by fjaka